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Welcome to Traffic! Home of Traffic Commander v2.0, Centurion.

Centurion is the most advanced Site management suite of services available on internet. Your Entire Site can be run with Centurion. Whether you have a Pay site OR a Free site, Traffic Commander will handle your needs.

Centurion is STABLE. It has been running sites seemlessly for over 2 YEARS. It is hosted on servers with over 99.99% uptime. All of servers are behind state of the art load balancers... If one server goes down, another will be automatically swapped in to take its place, while the downed server is instantly rebooted and put back into place

Centurions Most Prominent Features
  • Link Rotation. Move REAL LINKS around your page, or just insert them to your liking. no more blind links!
  • Manage Multiple pages with Templates. update your site Content without ever having to touch your html.
  • Full Standard Traffic Trading Capability, Via blind redirects(CJ) or perm links
  • Automatic Gallery Submission and insertion
  • EXTREMELY Detailed Statistics, down to the hour , or By the day.
  • Individual page stats.
  • Detailed exit stat tracking, including which links send the most traffic
  • Productivity Monitoring
  • Anti Cheater Technology.
  • Automatic Trade Signups
  • Search Engine for your galleries , or any other desired content
  • Automatic Syncing for larger sites with multiple www servers / domain(aka using a load balancer)