Why us?

Centurion is the most advanced Site management suite of services available on the internet. Your Entire Site can be run with Centurion. Whether you have a personal OR a Massive Multi Server enterprise, Traffic Commander will handle your needs.

Centurion is STABLE. It has been running sites seemlessly for over 2 YEARS. It is hosted on servers with over 99.99% uptime. All of traffictrader.net servers are behind state of the art load balancers... If one server goes down, another will be automatically swapped in to take its place, while the downed server is instantly rebooted and put back into place

Centurion is guaranteed to be online. Why? Because we host 100's of LARGE websites. Downtime is Unnacceptable. We host our own network, and we pay good money for it. over 75,000 dollars have been spent on Load balancers, Routers and Traffic trader servers. We take our Job seriously. We host our own websites as well. We know exactly how important uptime is!